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About Christy

Since graduating the University of Colorado, Christy has been helping families and couples since 2006 in her private practice.

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Christy's office is located in Evergreen, CO. Her practice serves Evergreen and surrounding areas, for more information call:
Phone (303) 549-7900

Christy McLaughlin, LPC

Providing Individual Psychotherapy, Couples, and Family Counseling in Evergreen, Colorado

Psychotherapy is a process that allows an individual to explore his or her own life. The purpose of this exploration can be to problem-solve, gain insight or to appreciate one’s own talents or uniqueness. Some view it as a way to make necessary changes in order to make life more satisfying or functional. Others see psychotherapy as a means of adaptation to, or acceptance of difficult circumstances. Striking a balance between what to change and what to accept in one’s life is a common theme in psychotherapy.

Recovery is often a goal in this process. When an individual has been through loss, harm, or rapid change, recovery gives one a sense of reorientation and safety. The road to recovery can be adventurous, daunting, exciting or just hard work. A therapist serves as a guide along the way.

No matter what brings someone to therapy, everyone has a context that is important to recognize. An individual’s personality, family, culture, faith and specific talents have much to do with the path of recovery that is employed. Each person brings with them tools that will help them and the therapist’s job is help find the best way to use these tools. The experience can be difficult and wonderful all at once, with outcomes that often exceed expectations.